What You Should Know About CBD and Exercise Recovery

Posted by Yammy CBD on Jul 6th 2022

What You Should Know About CBD and Exercise Recovery

A good workout can leave you feeling both good and bad. You feel good in the sense that you have accomplished something hard. You may even feel physically and mentally invigorated. But you can also feel bad in the sense that your muscles are tired and sore. You definitely need some time for recovery. And for that, CBD might be something to look at.

CBD is one of the hottest health and well-being supplements on the market. It is being promoted as helpful for nearly every physical malady under the sun. While it isn't really the magic pill so many people make it out to be, CBD has something to offer in terms of exercise recovery.

Why Recovery Is Necessary

Before getting into the benefits of CBD for exercise recovery, it is important to discuss why recovery is even necessary. When you exercise, you stress your muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. That's good because stressing them makes them stronger. But exercise can also leave you feeling sore.

The soreness is the result of microscopic tears in soft tissue. You need recovery time so that the body can heal those tears. A couple of days off after an especially vigorous workout that leaves you more sore than normal should be enough.

One last thing to note is the difference between routine soreness and injury pain. General soreness is to be expected after vigorous workouts. If you are experiencing more direct pain, you may have injured yourself. See a doctor just in case you sprained a muscle, pulled a tendon, etc.

Recovering with CBD

The most important thing you can do to recover from exercise is to rest. You can enhance your recovery by eating right, drinking lots of water, and using CBD. Medical science doesn't yet know all the mechanisms behind CBD and exercise recovery, but what we do know is very encouraging. For example:

CBD Reduces Inflammation

Limited studies have demonstrated that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory capabilities. In other words, it can reduce the inflammation caused by vigorous exercise. In theory, that also means it could help reduce soreness. There are no guarantees that any one person would experience such a benefit but looking into it is worthwhile. Try a topical or ingestible product and see how it goes.

CBD Can Reduce Pain

A study published in 2008 confirms that CBD can act as an analgesic by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. Reducing the pain from vigorous exercise may not necessarily help you recover faster, but it can make you more comfortable during recovery.

Don't Be Careless

We always want to urge caution when recommending CBD for specific purposes. So first, note that we are not promising you that CBD will improve your recovery from exercise. There are plenty of pro athletes and CBD experts who swear by it, but there still aren't any guarantees.

We also want to encourage you to avoid the temptation of being careless because you are using CBD. A CBD topical or edible may indeed aid in your recovery. But you still need ample recovery time. Do not assume that reduced inflammation and pain means your body is ready to get back at it right away.

As always, talk to your doctor about using CBD for exercise recovery. Heed your doctor's advice about taking enough time to rest between workouts. And finally, combine CBD with a healthy diet, good sleep, and regular exercise that doesn't always push your body to the limits. Living a generally healthy lifestyle will go a long way toward enhancing any benefits you might derive from CBD.