who we are


Hello Friend!

Like you, both of us had our own issues with anxiety, depression, muscle soreness, and other feelings and ailments that prevented us from the lifestyle that we should be living. A lifestyle that incorporates an all natural, holistic way to take CBD every day and move forward with a better outlook, and a greater appreciation for each other!

U.S. Sourced Texas Born

We only source our Hemp from California and Colorado farms who ensure the highest quality and grade of plants are grown free of harmful pesticides.

Our production facility is located in Houston TX and our headquarters is in Frisco TX (a suburb of Dallas). Our extraction process utilizes CO2 which we believe is the purest way to extract cannabinoids.

Feel Y Without The High


Broad Spectrum Hemp

We've ensured all of our products are THC free so you can feel all the elements. Our CBD Oil is fully tested and validated to have no THC before we release to our blending teams.

Our focus has always been on broad spectrum products. We like the safety and comfort knowing the product we are taking won't get us high!



Be A
Better You

We started YAMMY with one goal in mind which was to help others feel better and do more with their lives. There are so many things holding us back like emotional or physical pain. Our effect driven CBD products are specially formulated to make you feel differently, to make you, Be You!


A Better Tomorrow

We have a strong desire to give back to our communities to ensure children are less hungry, and teens are less addicted, as it's the future of our society that needs the most attention right now. We will match $2 from every ONLINE sale and donate to local charities in the markets we serve!