CBD Oil as a Sleep Aid: What You Should Know and Nobody Tells You About

Posted by Yammy CBD on Mar 30th 2022

CBD Oil as a Sleep Aid: What You Should Know and Nobody Tells You About

We frequently hear from customers who tell us how wonderfully CBD oil works as a sleep aid. They are not alone. Since industrial hemp and CBD products were legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill, there has been a lot of interest in cannabidiol as both a health supplement and a medicine.

Several studies have been conducted over the years with the intent of learning whether CBD improves sleep. There isn't enough conclusive evidence to say that it does, but the data we do have is very encouraging. And it is supported by a plethora of anecdotal evidence, all pointing to one of two reasons some people may sleep better after consuming CBD oil.

Lowering Cortisol Levels

One study cited by Medical News Today suggests that CBD may enhance sleep by reducing cortisol levels. Under normal circumstances, cortisol peaks during the morning hours. But as this study acknowledges, some people who suffer from insomnia have higher cortisol levels at night.

The study noted that insomnia patients who took 300 or 600 mg of CBD oil prior to going to bed not only slept better, but also demonstrated lower levels of cortisol. This led researchers to speculate that CBD might act as a sedative in some people.

Improving Sleep by Reducing Anxiety

Medical News Today cited a second study involving 103 participants who suffered from either anxiety or poor sleep. Researchers investigated the effects of multiple medications on the two conditions. Interestingly enough, CBD helped the anxiety sufferers feel better. Researchers observed that 25 mg was best for anxiety.

The researchers also discovered that higher dosages of up to 175 mg were necessary to help the participants who had trouble sleeping. The more troubled their sleep, the higher the dosage. At one-month follow-up, nearly 67% of the participants in both groups reported sleeping better. At two-month follow-up, roughly 56% reported better sleep.

This led researchers to conclude that CBD may help improve sleep by reducing anxiety. However, they noted that CBD's effects may not be sustainable for anxiety patients over the long term.

More Time in Research

You are familiar with the old adage that says, 'only time will tell'. In the case of CBD as a sleep aid, both time and research will ultimately tell the full story. The limited data we have thus far shows a lot of promise for CBD oil, CBD drops, etc. being useful for some people as sleep aids.

At this point, there are no guarantees. The only way to know if CBD oil will help you sleep better is to try it. You may find it works well. On the other hand, you may discover it does nothing for you. People react to CBD differently, so do not go into it with any particular expectations.

CBD Oil With No THC

As we close this post, we want to remind our customers that we sell CBD oil with little or no THC. By definition, our products must contain 0.3% or less THC by volume. Whether you settle on CBD oil, CBD gummies, premium or broad-spectrum oil, or even hemp oil, you will enjoy all the great things CBD has to offer without any of the side effects of THC.

Can we promise that CBD oil will help you sleep? No, we can't. But plenty of customers testify to that very thing. You can see some of their testimonials here on our website. Obviously, you should feel free to do your own research on CBD before you start using it. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be.