How to Tell the Difference Between Infused and Dosed Edibles

Posted by Yammy CBD on Sep 13th 2022

How to Tell the Difference Between Infused and Dosed Edibles

CBD products come in many different form factors. One such form factor is the edible. If you have ever consumed CBD gummies, you've consumed an edible. The same goes for CBD candies, cookies, and even beverages. Many of these products are marketed as infused edibles. Do not confuse them with dosed edibles.

Infused and dosed edibles are two different things. Along those same lines, there are some infused products that are manufactured using an easy and cheap method that doesn't really accomplish a whole lot. More on that later. First however, let us talk about the difference between infused and dosed edibles.

The Infused Edible

An infused edible is any cannabis edible that includes cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. in its ingredients list. A truly infused product includes the cannabis ingredients in the actual manufacturing process. Those ingredients are not added later on. This makes an enormous difference. Again, that will be discussed in just a minute.

Dosed edibles are an extension of infused edibles but with a twist: they include documented doses of particular ingredients. In ninety-nine out of a hundred cases, a dosed edible is a THC product; it is not a CBD product. The reason for this is simple: THC is strictly regulated by the states. Any product containing THC must undergo rigorous testing to verify volume. That volume must be printed on product packaging. Essentially, the volume is the dosage.

Less Common in CBD Products

Although it is entirely possible for manufacturers to create a dosed CBD product, such products are less common in our industry. If you were to find one, its label would tell you the exact volume of each active ingredient in the formula.

This helps by making it possible for you to strictly control how much of the product you're using over a set period of time. Think of it the same way as taking a prescription medication. Dosing information tells you how many pills to take during the course of a 24-hour period.

Not Really Infused Products

Within the infused CBD edibles realm, there are some products marketed as being infused that really aren't. These are products like gummies and candies. They are not considered genuinely infused due to the way they are manufactured.

CBD gummies offer the perfect example. There are CBD companies that purchase regular gummies from candy manufacturers. CBD is added by either spraying it on or rolling the gummies in a sugar and CBD mixture. The gummies are then repackaged for sale.

Genuinely infused edibles are considered superior for three reasons:

  • Accurate Labels – Genuinely infused products, like dosed edibles, are tested as a general rule. That way, consumers know exactly how much CBD is in a given product.
  • Better Quality – Because infused edibles include the active ingredients during the initial manufacturing process, you get better consistency and superior quality. Sprayed or coated products just aren't as good.
  • Greater Trust – A manufacturer who goes to all the trouble of infusing edible products with CBD and terpenes is more easily trusted than another company willing to settle for just spraying or rolling edibles in CBD and sugar.

So, how do you know the difference? You can tell the difference between infused and dosed edibles simply by looking at the label. A dosed edible will have dosage information on it.

As for genuinely infused as opposed to sprayed or rolled, stick with trusted brands. You can always ask our experts if you don't know what those brands are. Also, stay away from recognized candy brands to which CBD has been added. Such products are typically the lower quality spray or coated products.