Terpene Blends as a Basis for Terpene Exploration

Posted by Yammy CBD on Nov 13th 2022

Terpene Blends as a Basis for Terpene Exploration

Take a look at the individual product pages for all our CBD products. Whether it is a topical, gummy, drop or tincture, you will notice every product page has information about terpenes at the bottom. You will also notice that we talk a lot about terpene blends. From our point of view, blends are the basis for terpene exploration.

What is terpene exploration? It is the process of trying different products with a range of terpene blends in order to figure out what you like best. Different blends have different effects. Combining multiple blends by way of multiple products allows you to take advantage of the entourage effect.

Exploration is all about discovering the products and blends that make you feel the way you want to. Whether you use CBD to help you sleep, deal with stress, or for any other reason, finding out which terpene blends work best is a goal worth pursuing. Figure it out and you will feel better.

Terpene Basics

We have published other blog posts explaining terpenes in more detail. So here, we will just cover the basics. Terpenes are naturally occurring substances that give plants and trees their unique odors. In simple terms, terpenes are essential oils.

Their purpose in nature is to both attract and repel. For example, plants need to attract certain types of insects and birds in order to facilitate pollination. But they also want to repel other insects and birds that might be harmful. Terpenes do both.

The interesting thing about terpenes is that they are found all over nature. Hemp plants have terpenes that make them smell earthy and musty. Other plants have their own terpenes that determine what they smell like. Your nose recognizes most of them – even if you don't know how they are defined scientifically.

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

In the world of broad-spectrum CBD oil, manufacturers tend to introduce terpene blends as a way of differentiating their products from the competition. Terpenes are chosen for their flavors, odors, and effects. Ideally, a manufacturer wants a product that offers a known effect while also smelling and tasting good.

A big part of creating terpene blends is the entourage effect. First discovered decades ago, the entourage effect is observed when combining two or more substances (they were medications in the early days) results in both substances being more effective.

So maybe you use CBD broad-spectrum oil with linalool to help you sleep. But then you try one of our products. Not only does it contain linalool, but it also offers nerolidol and borneol. It seems to work better for you than your original broad-spectrum oil. This may be due to the entourage effect.

Not the Same for Every Person

One of the more interesting aspects of the entourage effect is that it isn't the same for every person. Individual users react differently to the same CBD products. They react differently to individual terpenes and terpene blends. That is why terpene exploration is so important.

You might find that your favorite tincture helps you relax during the middle of a stressful day. A friend tried the same tincture and had a completely different reaction to it. So they use a CBD gummy with a slightly different terpene blend. You try that gummy and discover that it enhances the effects of your tincture. Through exploration, you have found a better way to use CBD.

Here at Yammy CBD, we take terpene blends very seriously. They are the foundation of our products. They are also the foundation of terpene exploration, which we believe can maximize CBD consumption.